Finkler Design
Engineering Integrated Solutions


  Tad Finkler, principal engineer at Finkler Design, has a proclivity for entering new fields, digesting the local state-of-the-art, and then successfully overcoming the technical problems standing in the way of progress. Previous projects include:


     ♦ Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment
        ♦ Photovoltaic Module Design
     ♦ Renewable Energy System Design
        ♦ Industrial Recycling Equipment
        ♦ Medical Device Design
     ♦ Laboratory Automation
        ♦ Manufacturing Automation
     ♦ Tools for Fundamental Science Research


  Tad has worked with teams as both in-house lead engineer and consultant, and excels at bringing methodical planning and strategic clarity to projects during the often-messy phase of technical breakthrough. Tad earned an M.S in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, as well as a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a B.A. in Engineering/Physics from Westmont College.

  He draws on a diverse set of tools with his training in fundamental engineering analysis, mechatronic design, dynamic controls, his design-for-manufacturing sensibility, and his proven experience in project management. He thrives on solving problems and providing technology tools to enable colleagues and clients to be more effective in pursuing their ambitions to improve the world.


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